How the Remote LED Bracelets Used at Casino Games ?

It is easy to use the remote LED bracelets at weddings, bars,nightclubs,stadiums, concerts,cooperate events,TV shows, churches etc., did you ever think about use the Remote LED bracelets to play some casino games during the events?

How the Remote LED bracelets work in the casino games?

For example, let’s say you order 2045PCS remote LED bracelets, you wanna 5 of them get top reward, 10 of them get second reward, 30 of them get third reward. Then we will pre-set the LED bracelets into 4 different groups. 2000PCS pre-set as group one, 5PCS  pre-set as group two, 10PCS pre-set as group three,30PCS pre-set as group four. Then the light man can use the DMX512 lighting desk or computer software to pre-program the LED colors or lighting effects for different groups of remote LED bracelets. Example, make the 2000PCS group one light up white steady, 5PCS group two crazy flash red LED, 10PCS group three flash blue, 30PCS group four flash green. So when the events come to a particular time for casino games, the light man simply operate the lighting console or computer remotely, then they can pick up the winners easily.

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