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The Latest Controlled LED Bracelet

When the bracelets light up, your hands go up! From A to Z ,every detail of our designs, using top-of-the-line materials and craftsmanship for unparalleled reliability. When the show starts, we make sure everyone audience is illuminated.
Remote Controlled LED Bracelet

No Control Way Limits

Many control ways are available when you use RF led bracelets anywhere.


Remote Controlled LED Bracelet For Uses
The bracelets work by creating multiple flash patterns with RGB LEDs which use the full colour spectrum and can be programmed to create a vast array of stunning visual effects to compliment any live event


Remote Controlled LED Bracelet For Events
We create a stunning light show at a range of events from live acts at arenas to product launches, sports matches, corporate events, parties and weddings from 1-200,000+ .                                                                 


led band

We can print your logo or brand message onto the bracelet plastic shell or bracelet strap which you need,it can promote your brand fast and simply. 


led wristbands wedding

We can program the different LED function which you need and make it as funny more and to create a vast array of visual effects..

Trust me! You will love it.

Let’s Your event sounds amazing, tell us more about your succesful story!.

light up band

The Most Powerful Technology

RF 433MHZ/868MHZ/915MHZ Version 

LED bracelet designed to create a stunning light show at live events, making the audience part of the show. The bracelets work by creating multiple flash patterns with RGB colour changing LEDs. we can be programmed to create a vast array of visual effects.

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Connect to DMX Console or Laptop

  • LED Bracelets are controllable via DMX lighting board
  • LED Bracelets are laptop controllable with laptop DMX control system
Download GrandMA2 Lighting Library
remote controlled led bracelet

A Fantastic Wireless Range

This allows us to have complete real time control over all products.

led bracelet

Our solutions are simple and powerful, empowering you to create immersive experiences that will set you apart.

The Key Technology in Our Controlled

Choose Your Favorite Style

You can select different styles to meet your demands, sample order is acceptable.

led bracelet


 2 In 1-Pull-Tab


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led bracelet control dmx


2 In 1-Advanced


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led wristband


Adjustable Strap


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TPU Lanyard


TPU Lanyard


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LED Lanyards


Nylon Strap


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RF led Santa hat


LED Santa Hat


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led puck lights


LED Puck


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light up wand


PVC Baton


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RF LED Foam Stick


Foam Baton


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dmx control led ball


24″ Beach Ball


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Inflatable LED Balls


16″ Beach Ball


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RF LED Strip


Adhesive Strip


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LED Party Glass


LED Glass


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led bracelet


Button Standard


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radio control led wristband


2 In 1


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Controller for the RF bracelet

Select the reasonable controller to control the RF bracelet according to your demand.

RF DMX Bracelet Controller


Button Controller


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RF Bracelet DMX Controller


DMX512 Controller


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Powerful DMX Controller


RF Repeater


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Easy to operate anytime

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