Looking For Personalized Bracelets for Your Upcoming Events?

We are ready here to help your events outstanding with personalized bracelets in 3 aspects.

1.Personalized Functions

Use the DMX512 programmable features, program the led bracelets to some specific light colors ,flashing effects or group control to meet your event theme. Sync the lights of bracelets to the rest stage ligting, or sync to the music, make your guests more interactive and invloed in the events.

2.Personalized bracelets silicon band

We can personalize the wrist band with rainbow color, and each wrist band will be unique color, the guests can not find the second one with the exact same color.

3.Personalized logo

Wanna use the LED bracelets as a souvenir or advertisement products for the events? We can personalize the bracelets with your logo, company name, website,phone number ect.

personalized bracelets

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