8 Steps to Setup the Laptop DMX512 LED Wristband

Step 1: 

Take out the following 7PCS accessories:

1.1PC*DMX512 Transmitter Box


3.1PC*DMX Connect Cable

4.1PC*6V1A DC Charger

5.1PC*USB-DMX512 Box

6.1PC*USB Connector

7.1PC USB Cabel

Note: NO. 1-4 is a standard set of GF DMX512 transmitter ;

NO. 5-6 add laptop control software is a standard driver kit if you need control with DMX512 laptop control system. This kit, can either order from us or take some similar driver as an alternative.

Step 2: 

Assemble the antenna.


Step 3: 

Connect the DMX cable to the DMX512 port of the transmitter.

Step 4: 

Connect the other end of the DMX512 cable to the USB -DMX


Step 5: 

Connect the USB cable to the USB-DMX512 box.

Connect the other end of the USB cable to USB port of laptop.


Step 6: 

Connect the DC charger.


Step 7: 

Connect power.


Step 8: 

Switch on the LED Wristbands