GF DMX Datasheet for 27CH Version

The GF DMX transmitter needs to be the first fixture, address is 001.

CH 1 to CH24 are for zone control, up to 24 zones, each zone takes a channel. When you set the value of the zone channel to 0, means this zone is NOT chosen; when you set the zone channel value between 1-255 means this zone is chosen to be controlled.

CH 25 is full intensity of RED LED, CH26 is full intensity of GREEN LED, CH27 is full intensity of BLUE LED. Use CH 25 ,CH 26, CH 27 you will be able to obtain full colors among the RGB range.

Note: the zones of the glow bracelets are preset before mass production, if need multi zones,need tell us the zone number and quantity per zone in need before order. Otherwise the bracelets will come with the same zone.

Glow Bracelets